Racconto's Bella Terra Organic line of pasta started out in a bag in 1997 – one of the first companies to offer whole wheat pasta! With the brand refresh in 2010, Racconto decided to move Bella Terra to a box. Admittedly, I was rather excited because boxes allow a greater shelf presence. With all of the items in the line next to each other on store shelves, we are able to acheive the "billboard" effect.
Original bag design from 1997. Designed by a different artist. The bright red, golden yellow, and earthy green were a great choice for the time period.
The new box design holds onto the red from the bag and features a cleaner, simplified layout. Rather than the current trend of pasta packaging from brands like Barilla and Ronzoni which feature a plated dish of food or pasta on a fork, we opted for showing the wheat in it's natural-grown form. The background the image and graphics sit on is a heavily manipulated shot of the Italian countryside.
Following suit of the durum wheat box, the whole wheat boxes feature a new, olive-toned green and the whole grain stamp.
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