Bella Terra is Racconto Food's organic line of products. First introduced in 1997, the brand is nationally distributed throughout the United States.
Bella Terra's first logo reflected the late 90s – thick lined illustration and heavily stylized fonts. First introduced in Chicagoland, the name Racconto was attached to gain customer confidence.
The 2006 redesign of the Bella Terra logo was intended to get rid of the "cartoon" appearance of the first. At this point in time, we still felt it was prudent to keep the Racconto logo within the Bella Terra logo.
The current Bella Terra logo draws on inspiration from badge-like graphics. Using Clarendon in mixed case for the wordmark provides the brand a strong, earthy appearance while maintaining an air of friendliness. In reference to the earth (terra), I've incorporated a rising sun over a horizon allowing me an area to hold the word "organic." It maintains its relationship to the brand while its own space helps readbility.
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